The Caprifoglio Collection 
Frescos flowers and sky – a graceful and liberating collection. An unsentimental floral collection, graceful and full of discovery. Hand-painted flowers are digitally printed to capture every stroke of the painter’s hand. Set against subtle frescos, the distressed plaster of a walled garden, or liberating open skies. This collection demonstrates the versatility of a Designers Guild floral – whether a structured stripe of garlanded roses, a blushing multicolour for captivating effect, or one of many restrained intimate palettes including spacious leaf patterns. All on voluptuous velvets, crisp cottons and luxurious linens. Swirling contemporary silk jacquards, and glittering antique damasks enrich and complete the landscape of the collection. Scale can change the personality of a print, and we have created a selection of our spectacular prints in a choice of two scales – offering you flexible ways to style your home in precisely the way you prefer